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We share more about our upcoming stay at MesaStila in Central Java, during our September Meditation and Wellness retreat in the islands of Indonesia. Today we look at the traditional herbal remedies called Jamu that is offered at this wellness resort.

Courtesy of MesaStila – “Jamu refers to the traditional herbal remedies that are presented in the form of powder, capsules and herbal beverages. Jamu is offered in its most effective form after being specifically created by a traditional healer – or Tabib.

Our Tabib, named Rahman – comes from the nearby village of Grabag and he offers guests a personalized healing ritual. Using a variety of traditional healing practices. Pak Rahman will use healing elements such as traditional herbs, blessed-water, pressure point manipulation and sensory massage to alleviate troubles and improve your health. In particular, Pak Rahman will develop a unique Jamu blend to help support your wellbeing.

This specialized treatment will incorporate the use of traditional healing Jamu made especially for your physical and emotional needs. This wellness experience will consist of an initial consultation; hike through the gardens and jungle to seek out the healing plants required for the remedy; watching Pak Rahman create the herbal infusion and then you drinking the Jamu – to your health!”

traditional-indonesia-jamu-medicine central java

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