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A look at some of the press about Dandapani and the websites, videos, and print publications in which he has been featured. Entrepreneurs, artists, writers, go-getters, innovators, thought-chasers: each seek Dandapani’s advice and input on various topics from understanding how the mind works, learning to concentrate and develop willpower, how lead a balanced life, manage your energy and more. This list includes videos from previous events at which Dandapani has presented.

If you would like to have Dandapani as a contributor to a written or online publication, please email info@dandapani.org.

Online Articles Featured In

The Return Path to Joy, Happiness and Bliss

Yanik Silver is an entrepreneur, author, and well-known digital marketing expert.

• Recaping Dandapani speaking at the Proactive Accountants Network conference in Queenstown, New Zealand

Rob Nixon – CEO and Founder of the Proactive Accountants Network in Australia

A 360 degree view of the holistic life by Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson – Founder of online gift retailer, Red Balloon

The Key To Success Is Practice by Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson – Founder of online gift retailer, Red Balloon

Ash Moses from A Magazine interviews Dandapani in preparation for the Wired for Wonder event.

A Magazine -Designed for the modern adventurer, A Magazine is your guide to fascinating tales and sensational experiences from all around the world.

• The “How to Focus and Forget” article features input on focusing the mind.

The Blog of Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D – Experiments in Cheeky Science

• “Do You Know How to Relax?

Well + Good NYC

Recap of a meditation workshop with Dandapani in New Zealand.

Chelsey – Online Women’s Lifestyle Magazine