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Throughout his many years of experience teaching workshops, delivering keynote talks, and hosting spiritual retreats around the world, Dandapani has shared his unique insights with the world’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as those looking to unlock their full potential and create a change in their lives. Dandapani’s ability to apply ancient wisdom to modern life has created an impactful and empowering experience for many people.
Dandapani repeatedly receives recognition as the highest rated speaker for the workshops and talks he offers. Here are what others have to say about their experience of Dandapani

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Altitude Advisory
Andrew Mattner and Tony Catt, two of the directors at Altitude Advisory, share why they hired Dandapani to conduct an all day workshop for their team and clients. They also... share their experience and what they learnt from attending a workshop that was conducted by Dandapani In New Zealand.
judy bernstein testimonial of dandapani - Testimonials
Judy A. Bernstein.
Author of a LA Times Bestseller
I want to thank you for your very insightful and enriching seminar held here in San Diego at that lovely location. Your way of expressing complex relationships and emotions in... simple terms is extremely helpful. Of course it can apply to my own life but I also work with refugees through the IRC International Rescue Committee. Most of these people have experienced trauma. Your way of describing life experiences having an emotional component connected to it made it tangible and understandable. Not only for myself, but it gave me tools to help communicate with the people I work with. Please let me know when you will be doing seminars in the future. Thank you. Author of the Los Angeles Times Bestseller "They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky"
ian stubbs testimonial dandapani - Testimonials
Ian Stubbs
President, Lion Retail Management Group
In the 2 weeks I have reread the “The Art of Balancing Life” by Dandapani almost daily. For me it is fast becoming a basis for change, reflection, consideration and... development. It is simple, extremely constructive and I gain greater meaning and understanding each day. There were many concepts that resonated, vibrated, during your presentation. Multitasking is becoming a thing of the past. Self detracting mindsets are being altered. I have since increased my concentration thus increasing my awareness. Temptations and distractions while ever present are impacting less each day. Each day is a journey and improving 1% a day is so much more fulfilling, rewarding and encouraging. Some days the 1% is actually significantly more and wow what a day! YPO Sydney member
Our Spiritual Adventure Moments
Insights on a Spiritual Adventure
sara stibitz testimonial of dandapani meditation - Testimonials
Sara Stibitz
My previous experience with meditation was hit-and-miss; I’d start a practice, feel good about it, and then it would fade away. There were a couple of reasons behind that, one... of them being that it felt like there was no way to know whether I was “doing it right.” The practice of trying to clear the mind was a challenge to me. Some days it worked well, some days it didn’t. Even when it seemed I could do it with some measure of success, I didn’t feel any difference in my day to day life. When I learned Dandapani’s method of practice, I was at first put off by the need for a goal in meditation. I’ve always struggled with goals, and meditating on the subject put the struggle front and center. But I was intrigued over the idea that I should bring my focus and attention to something that was important to me, rather than “clear the mind.” After a few sessions trying Dandapani’s method, not only did I find it easier to focus in meditation, I started to notice more and more clarity outside of meditation. The added bonus was that I started to gain clarity around the goal itself, and my mediation practice started to benefit my daily life in a tangible way. Best of all, I’ve been able to maintain my practice, and it brings me peace every day.
Chris Robinson
Chris from San Diego, California, shares his experience of the 2010 South Indian Odyssey.
Reflections of a Spiritual Adventure
Travelers on Dandapani's Spiritual Adventures share their experiences on what it is like to go on one of these life-transforming journeys.
judy bernstein meditation retreat dandapani 11 - Testimonials
Judy Bernstein
Judy Bernstein, author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller "They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky” shares about her experience on going on Dandapani’s Spiritual Adventure to South India... in January, 2010.
Monica Meadows
Monica from New York shares on Day 1 of the 2010 South Indian Odyssey why she joined this spiritual adventure and what she hopes to get out of it. We... then catch up with her 14 days later at the end of the journey to hear her experiences and conclusions of her South Indian spiritual adventure.
Jonathan Ingham
Jonathan who joined our 2-week spiritual adventure through South India shares his thoughts of the journey on the last day of our travels in Kumarakom, Kerala.
rob nixon testimonial of dandapani - Testimonials
Rob Nixon
"Anyone who doubts the value of an ex-Monk teaching business people should read this. I hired Dandapani to speak at my annual Accountants conference in 2013. Most of the audience... were highly skeptical to say the least. Some didn't even turn up! Within minutes of getting started he had their full attention. He was able to turn his Monk teachings into practical advice for everyday living and how to be a massive success. To this day many still rave about that workshop and more importantly most have implemented what he taught. He personally mentored me for a year after the conference and as a result I achieved a lot of new balance in my life. Dandapani delivers his message is a refreshing, real, smart, funny and highly practical way. He doesn't talk religion - just life. The ones who didn't turn up missed some amazing lessons about themselves and how to live a great life".
kristin fritz testimonial of dandapani meditation - Testimonials
Kristin Fritz
Mindfulness Coach
Dandapani is an accessible modern-day voice for profound ancient teachings. His savvy, wit, and down-to-earth style make him an engaging, inspirational teacher. He provides simple tools that anyone can apply... immediately, yet they are relevant for a lifetime of intentional living!
Learning from Dandapani has deepened my sense of clarity and ease. Since working with him, I have come to embrace the true purpose of my life and am all the more mindful of what supports and distracts me from that. He taught me how to hone the best version of myself and that my greatest contribution starts with living by example. I will continue to turn to Dandapani and his lessons as a guide for a purpose-driven life.
Jasmine Grace, Columbus, Ohio
Jasmine Grace, CEO and Owner of Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio, shares what it is like to go on a spiritual adventure with Dandapani. She talks about traveling to... India alone as a woman, the experiences she had on the retreat, the hotels we stayed at, the classes with Dandapani, the highlights of the retreat, what made it special, and more.
generic avatar woman - Testimonials
EO Sydney
"Namaste Dandapani, What an amazing evening. I left tonight so inspired… Thank you so much for your time. Truly one of the best event in EO ( I join EO... Sydney in 2007 and did 2 university in South Africa & Barcelona). The delivery, the content and the impact, it will have on all of us will be incredible."
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EO Western New York
“My life has changed tremendously since meeting you. I have become happy in all I do and I no longer carry anger for anyone or anything. I thank you for... your part in my transformation. You were inspirational to me beyond words. My life is incredible and getting better every day. Thank you. If you think I can assist you in anything, please give me a call or message me. I am truly grateful for your inspiration. I look forward to your request for my assistance.”