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Throughout his many years of experience teaching workshops, delivering keynote talks, and hosting spiritual retreats around the world, Dandapani has shared his unique insights with the world’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as those looking to unlock their full potential and create a change in their lives. Dandapani’s ability to apply ancient wisdom to modern life has created an impactful and empowering experience for many people.
Dandapani repeatedly receives recognition as the highest rated speaker for the workshops and talks he offers. Here are what others have to say about their experience of Dandapani

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jayson gaignard testimonial dandapani - Testimonials
Jayson Gaignard
EO Toronto
Hey Dandapani! Thank you for your presentation to EO Toronto on Wednesday. It was one of the highest rated events of the year, and really engaged our younger audience (who... rarely gets engaged in “traditional” EO learning events).
christian eo munich testimonial dandapani - Testimonials
EO Munich, Chapter President
We are very glad that you were here and the event was a great success. All attendees gave a very good feedback. The fact that many spouses attended as well... strengthened the EO “family” in Munich. I have a summary of the feedback attached. Unfortunately, it is in German. You however can see from the numbers that the feedback was excellent.
craig morantz testimonial dandapani - Testimonials
Craig Morantz
Learning chair, EO Toronto
I wanted to reach out to you and say a very big thank you for not only coming to Toronto but conducting one of the most engaging events we have... had in years. What astounded me the most was the reaction of our chapter to your 3 hour seminar. First, we usually have 45 - 60 minute presentations where the members are fidgeting and can’t wait to get up, even if it is good content. You engaged the membership for 3 hours!!! You told me you were going to do this, I had some doubts, but you executed on your promise. Second, we found the tools not only helpful, but practical and easy to apply right away (I still make my bed the minute I wake up). I have spoken to many members who have seen changes in their home and work relationships, members who feel they have a much better grasp on how their mind works and members who prepare differently for
their week. Thanks very much. We look forward to having you back.
michael matthews testimonial of dandapani - Testimonials
Michael Matthews
Learning Chair, EO Perth, West Australia
Many thanks Dandapani. The feedback I have received was overwhelmingly impressive - for many EO’ers, it was their best EO event ever attended! So, thank you....! Looking forward to spending... time with you when you are next in Australia.
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mike fritz testimonial of dandapani - Testimonials
Mike Fritz
Learning Chair, EO Portland
Dandapani was the perfect speaker for our Chapter Retreat, which included spouses during the learning event. He brought new information and perspective to our membership, from both a business... and personal/family standpoint. His handouts were great takeaways and complimented the verbal content. He was particularly good at expanding on ideas and concepts during the frequent Q&A. With a 9.77 overall rating, this event was a complete success. That is the highest I’ve seen in Portland. I would highly recommend Dandapani for other EO chapter retreats or learning events.
paul elmslie brisbane eo testimonial dandapani 1 - Testimonials
Paul Elmslie
Learning Chair, EO Brisbane, Australia
Last year I was privileged enough to see Dandapani present at the Istanbul University. I am unsure if you were there but I am sure the members who attended would... agree his presentation was a highlight. As a result I booked him for our Chapter retreat Advance which we had 53 of the 85 members attend (record) and the event made it to the EO Global Learning Awards (top 3 events in 2012). The chapter retreat was the highest rated event we have done in my 7 years with EO Brisbane.
richard korda testimonial of dandapani - Testimonials
Richard Korda
EO Sydney, Chapter President
Thank you so much for being with our chapter last night. The event scored a 9.5 out of 10 which is a fantastic result. We all learnt so much from... you and have had so much feedback on how great you were. One EO’r said this was one of the top 3 events he has attended in the 5 years of being a member.