Struggling to Concentrate?

You’re not alone…

How do you become good at concentration?

You must first learn it then practice it regularly.

Since childhood, you have probably been told to “concentrate.” But has anyone actually ever taken the time to teach you how to concentrate? No one taught me to concentrate until I joined a monastery and became a monk, it was only then that I was trained in the art of concentration. The ability to concentrate served me well in the monastery and in my meditation, and today it is one of the most vital tools that I lean on as an entrepreneur in the “outside” world. I spoke on this topic at a TEDx talk in Reno and it is a pleasure to share it with you here.

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You become good at what you practice!

Make choices throughout the day that support concentration.

It’s generally understood that whatever it is that you practice, or spend a lot of time doing, you will get good at. Did you know that this includes habits and that your mind doesn’t have the ability to distinguish between a good or a bad habit? Are you practicing distraction?

I look around and see that people are spending more and more time “multi-tasking” between apps and generally accomplishing less and less in the day. A big dilemma in society is that people are practicing distraction constantly as they jump from task to task, app to app…and what you practice, you get good at! It’s time to realize that you have a choice and that you can take charge of your gadgets and your life by learning to concentrate.

Master your Mind, Master your Life!

Begin the journey of Unwavering Focus

After traveling the world and talking to thousands of people about their day-to-day struggles, it became one of my missions to can help others learn the ancient arts of concentration, willpower and meditation. If these topics are relevant to you and you are eager to learn a systematic approach to learning how to concentrate, develop willpower and meditate, I invite you to consider my online course on the mind and meditation. I wish you the best on your journey of self-exploration, Self- Realization and attaining Unwavering Focus in everything that you do in life.