Gems of the Desert

A 12-Day Spiritual Adventure

with Dandapani in North India

September 2018


Photography with Dandapani

Capturing the Magic of a Moment in India

People dream of taking photography expeditions to India, but capturing images to “ooh” and “aah” over is a bit more challenging than just hopping on a flight, camera in tow. This journey, thoughtfully crafted to take you off the beaten path, will provide spectacular photographic opportunities in picturesque locations, as discovered by Dandapani in Rajasthan over the last decade.

Top photo: A girl stares into the distance has her father and his friends gamble in front of her home. Rajasthan, India.

Dandapani will give a couple of optional classes on photography during the retreat, including cultural cues and clues on how to photograph people, plus an introduction to the basics of a DSLR camera. These classes are the only optional part of the journey and is ideal for those with basic or intermediate photography skills.

India provides infinite photo ops, and it almost seems like you can’t go wrong. Many travelers click away at the first sight of something they want in a picture, without taking the time to gain proper perspective on the subject. Image storage is not such an issue with digital photography, so people head home after their jaunt through India with thousands of photos that need to be curated. This is an arduous process and, more often than not, it never happens.

Applying the same patient and practical approach he uses with meditation, Dandapani will share how to shoot less often with more thought. His insights on composition, light and perspective are sure to challenge and change your photography. Once we develop understanding of these photographic principles, we will explore our destinations and put learning into practice. (Did anyone else notice how his guru’s teachings show in Dandapani’s photography? Don’t you want to learn how to take pictures with awareness, concentration, willpower?)

So, bring along your DSLR camera or your iPhone, and capture the magic of India!

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