An Immersion in The Fine Art of Meditation

Enstasy is a meditation confluence ~ an eight-day gathering of like-minded souls from around the world to immerse themselves in the authentic study, practice and experience of meditation in the lush, gorgeous tropical surroundings of Kerala, India. You will learn an ancient Hindu way of meditation – a simple, practical and systematic process of calming the senses, and diving deep within oneself to experience the divine within you.

Honoring the Art of Learning

I’ve spoken at, as well as attended, many conferences and events where I am inspired by so much great information and ideas, but then I head home, life happens, and many of these ideas get left in my notebook. Upon reflection, I realized the problem is that there’s no time built into the events to reflect and integrate the teachings into my life before diving back into reality.
So I decided to do things a little differently.

I’ve structured this meditation confluence to give you a deep educational experience followed by a dedicated four-day Enstasy retreat to reflect and integrate into your life what you’ve learned. You’ll also be receiving a clear, guided plan on how to integrate these teachings into your life when you return home.

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Back to the Roots
The Philosophy

Enstasy is what I’m calling this Meditation Conference. But actually…let’s go one step further and call it a Confluence or Sangam a Sanskrit word meaning “a gathering of souls, and a withdrawal and concentration of your energy on a single point of focus.” The goal of this Confluence is to learn meditation. At the Enstasy Confluence the study of meditation you will learn is based on the ancient Hindu teachings, in particular the Saiva Siddhanta philosophy that originated in India many thousands of years ago, that finds the perfect balance between your inner and outer worlds, and defines a clear path to experiencing your higher Self within.

I’ve structured this Confluence with this philosophy in mind: the first 4-days are focused on diving deep into the study and practice of meditation, and the following 4-days are intended for reflection, relaxation and excursions at thoughtfully selected hideaways.

The Enstasy retreat destinations are first come first serve, so be among the first to apply to have your pick of destinations.

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A Sanctuary of Life and Traditions
Our Destination

Enstasy will be held in Kerala, South India. Kerala has long been a home to ancient Hindu practices and is most well known for being the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine. Life here is gentle, unhurried, and moves at the gait of an elephant. The tropical climate gives life to one and all. Tigers and elephants roam the jungle, monkeys swing from trees and scamper across rooftops, spices and tea quilt the hills and fisherman dot the waves and the soft sandy beaches along the coastline of the sparkling cerulean waters of the Arabian Sea. There are few destinations that are more idyllic. I believe that Kerala, a sanctuary of life and known by its people as “God’s own country” is the best place to host my first Meditation Confluence.

kumarakom lake resort - Enstasy - A Meditation Retreat in India

A Luxurious Heritage Retreat in Paradise
Our Venue

Enstasy will be held at the gorgeous Kumarakom Lake Resort. Kumarakom sits on the serene banks of the emerald backwaters of Lake Vembanad, India’s longest lake. Coconut trees sway in the warm breeze draping the reassembled 16th century Keralan villas with shade. The villas are luxuriously modern and were designed to celebrate the authentic and traditional architecture of the land. The resort is an idyllic representation of Kerala’s architectural and cultural heritage, making it the perfect location for Enstasy. It reflects my goal: to share that which is authentic.

Be among the first to apply and reserve your favorite villa at no additional cost. Please note that there are a limited number of villas with lake views and private pools.

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A Spiritual Journey

I’ve noticed that the difference between a vacation and a spiritual journey, is that a spiritual journey always comes with a little challenge. If a spiritual journey was easy to plan and make happen it would be called a vacation, not a pilgrimage. It is also the case that when you overcome the challenges in preparation for your spiritual journey, you will enjoy the benefits of personal growth and the learnings that come with that growth. If you feel this Meditation Confluence deeply resonates with you, then make the choice to come. If an obstacle arises, know that this is part of the process, don’t give up, and instead make it happen. You will find that once you start taking charge of your life, everything will fall into place accordingly.

A spiritual journey is no ordinary journey. It is well thought out and planned. It is to be approached with respect and courage for it brings about change in a person. And change is the first step towards realizing the permanent divinity within each of us. Join me and other spiritual seekers on our very first Meditation Confluence in one of the world’s most enchanting places, Kerala, India!

If you would like to find out the cost of Enstasy and to sign up, please email

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