Periyar - Spice, Tea and Jungle Retreat
Post Confluence Retreat 3

Shalimar is tucked away in the jungles of Periyar, located in South Eastern Kerala and is an ideal place to fully experience and to immerse yourself in nature. The pace of life is so relaxing and peaceful that even the birds and the butterflies don’t seem to be in a hurry. Wander through beautiful lush greenery while listening to tropical bird songs, relax by the pool, enjoy the delicious local cuisine and pamper yourself at the spa. Shalimar provides the perfect environment to rejuvenate your mind and body – this will be an ideal place to unwind and reflect upon what you experienced at the Confluence.

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Your Charming and Enchanting Oasis

Sitting on verdant land, untouched by modernization, the Shalimar Spice Garden is the perfect blend of European charm and the rich heritage of Kerala. The resort is surrounded by exquisite spice gardens as well as the lush Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, making it a perfect escape into nature. Mountain streams meander through the property, while the abundant foliage of the coffee and cardamom plants surround the cottages providing ample privacy. The cottages are an ideal combination of Indian architecture and Western luxury and comfort. The restaurant serves delicious food in a cosy atmosphere. The crystal blue pool in the jungle oasis is a great place to relax after a visit to the excellent Ayurveda and Yoga spa. Shalimar also has a library with a fireplace to curl up next to on cool evenings.

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A Lush and Verdant Experience

The Periyar forest of Thekkady, where the Shalimar Spice Garden is located, is one of the finest wildlife reserves in India. The entire district is filled with picturesque plantations and picturesque hill towns that provide wonderful opportunities for vigorous hikes or peaceful mountain strolls.

Explore Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, a wonderful example of nature’s bounty, with breathtaking scenic views and rich biodiversity. Periyar is especially notable for being both an elephant and a tiger reserve. There are 35 species of mammals found in the park, including many threatened species specifically the Bengal tiger and Indian elephant. The park focuses on community-based ecotourism and local park rangers give daily tours to visitors. By visiting Periyar National Park you are directly contributing to the conservation of the forest, wildlife and the local community.

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What's Included...

3 nights of accommodations in the lush forest greenery at the gem of a hotel, the Shalimar Spice Garden. (All based on double occupancy, single rooms available at additional cost.)
· Fresh and delicious breakfast every morning
· One Ayurvedic Massage (60 min)
· One 3-Hour Jungle Trek
· Ground transport from Kumarakom Lake Resort to Periyar and from Periyar to Fort Kochi
· Daily yoga classes for practitioners of all levels by Robin Buck
· Limited to 26 people

yoga retreat kerala india periyar - Periyar - Spice, Tea & Jungle Retreat


Day 5
You will take a 3-hour private coach from Kumarakom Lake Resort east to Periyar and spend 4 days relaxing and exploring the magnificent forests and mountain ridges.

Day 6 & 7
You will enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast every day, an exciting 3-hour jungle trek lead by a tribal guide and a full body restorative Ayurvedic massage. There will also be daily yoga classes for practitioners of all levels led by Robin Buck.

Day 8
We will provide transportation to Fort Kochi. Here the tour concludes and you can arrange to continue your stay in India or head to the airport to catch your flight home.

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Elephant Experience
Spend an afternoon riding an elephant through the spice plantation. You will get to feed, as well as bathe, these beautiful creatures. There will even be a timber dragging demo to see how the locals use these gentle giants in their daily work.

Spice Plantation Tour
Take a tour around the local spice plantation. You will venture out on the unpaved roads between the spice fields and other crops.

Spice Shopping
You can learn about and purchase a huge assortment of spices and Ayurvedic plants. You can buy the coffee you drink at Shalimar, as well as the cardamom and fresh pepper you taste at their restaurant. Stock up on all of the fresh spices that you can squeeze into your bag!

Tea Plantation Tour
Take a tour of a local tea plantation. Walk through the fields and enjoy the magnificent views. Learn about the process of making tea from the ground to your cup!

Boat Ride in Periyar National Park:
Take a boat ride across the serene lake in the Periyar National Park. Panoramic views of lush forest-clad hills will reflect on the lake waters as you glide by. The forests are rich in bird life and animals like the Giant Malabar Squirrel and Nilgiri langur. Maybe you’ll spot a beautiful King Fisher bird or if you are really lucky you may catch a glimpse of an elephant, gaur or sambar taking a drink at the lake’s edge.

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