Serenity - Elephant Therapy
Post Confluence Retreat 1 (Luxury)

Indulge all your senses with Serenity’s blend of world-class art, unending hospitality, fine dining and refined Ayurvedic spa treatments. This charming colonial house and boutique hotel showcases the beautiful contemporary and traditional South Indian art, culture and heritage with a gourmet restaurant that offers a mix of Mediterranean fine dining and traditional local food. From yoga, to cooking, to mountain biking, there are plenty of activities to choose from – the most unique offering is to spend the afternoon with the resident elephant Lakshmi, we like to call it elephant “therapy.” This will be an unforgettable experience of quietude, art, culture and an elephant. You can experience new and wonderful things in a magnificently beautiful setting – perfect for reflection and relaxing after the Confluence.

(Limited to 10 people only. First come first serve.)

2016 meditation conference india retreat - Serenity (Luxury) - Elephant Therapy

Your Exquisite and Magnificent Villa

Serenity at Kanam estate is a luxurious colonial plantation house that is now a boutique hotel. The area is surrounded by rubber plantations and exquisite tropical spice gardens. Though entirely refurbished, the 1920’s home retains its heritage charm in a lovely and untouched and rural setting. All of the rooms are delightfully furnished with a charming eclectic mix of period furniture and magnificent artwork. You can relax by the pool, do yoga, take cooking classes and bike rides. They have a wonderful spa with an array of treatments to indulge in. But perhaps, the best thing Serenity has to offer is Lakshmi, the resident elephant. Don’t miss the unique and amazing opportunity to try elephant “therapy”; which includes elephant rides as well as baths in a local stream.

A Lavish and Unforgettable Jaunt to Paradise

Located in Kanam, a charming town in the district of Kerala between Peryiar and Fort Kochi, Serenity is surrounded by verdant and lush tropical forests and plantations. Though it is quite secluded by nature there are plenty of activities to choose from including local an oxcart ride, nature walks around the neighboring spice plantations, visiting an ancient temple and elephant tours to name a few. It’s a marvelous place to visit and enjoy nature while reflecting on what you learned at the Confluence.

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What's Included...

· 3 nights of luxury accommodations in a beautiful cardamom plantation in the foothills of the Shahyadhari mountains. (All based on double occupancy, single rooms may be available at additional cost)
· Daily elephant therapy with Lakshmi the elephant including elephant rides and baths
· Ground transport from Kumarakom Lake Resort to Serenity to Fort Kochi
· Limited to 10 people only (first come first serve)

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Day 5: We will provide transportation from Kumarakom Lake Resort to Serenity by private coach (2 hours).

Day 6 & 7: Enjoy and explore your beautiful surroundings on foot or bicycle, take Lakshmi for a ride or bath, or perhaps just pamper yourself at their excellent spa.

Day 8: We will provide transportation to Fort Kochi (3 hours). Here the tour concludes and you can arrange to continue your stay in India or head to the airport to catch your flight home.

2016 meditation conference retreat kerala - Serenity (Luxury) - Elephant Therapy

Leisure Activities

Bathing Lakshmi
Take Lakshmi, the friendly resident elephant, down to the stream for her daily bath…and yes, you can bathe her. She loves a good scrub!

Walking Lakshmi
Take Lakshmi for a walk. You’ll have to sit on her back as she goes on her daily walks into the quaint village and flourishing spice plantations that surround you.

Ayurvedic treatments
Serenity’s Purespa offers a wide range of treatments to suit all your desires. They have an in-house ayurvedic doctor who will cater to specific needs. You will receive all of these amazing treatments surrounded by the enchanting spice gardens, combining your therapies with a deeper experience of the surrounding world.

Ox Cart Excursions
Visit the rural villages, farmlands and spice plantations on a traditional bullock cart. Take in the beautiful views and unending biodiversity of the region. It’s a wonderfully relaxing way to see the countryside.

Bicycle Tours
If you are looking to be a bit more active, explore the village and spice plantations on a bicycle. It’s a great way to see the magnificent countryside first hand while getting a bit of exercise!

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