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It has always been important to me to surround myself with those who honor and live the sacred teachings in an authentic way. I’ve invited a few of my closest friends to join me in teaching at Enstasy. They are Hindu priests and are experts in the Hindu mystical arts and sciences. They have dedicated themselves to preserving the ancient traditions, and have been entrusted with carrying forth this knowledge into the present, to share tools that have been developed over thousands of years, and to help people experience these practices in order to better understand themselves and the nature of the Divine. I am equally honored to have some fantastic friends and yoga teachers from the US joining Enstasy to teach yoga asana every morning. I have selected them because of their dedication and adherence to the true spirit of yoga in their work and lives.

Meditation has a few very important aspects that we will address in Enstasy. Besides a serious study and practice of meditation, you will also practice Yoga Asana, Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Pranayama, Sanskrit mantra chanting and experience connecting with the Divine through a sacred fire ceremony. By bringing the traditions of meditation, asana and spiritual practices together in one place, I believe this makes this meditation confluence truly unique and my goal is to give you an authentic and unforgettable experience of Hindu meditation and its spiritual traditions that are known as Yoga, or the path to enlightenment.

Learn a simple, practical & systematic approach to Meditation with

dandapani - Teachers & LearningDandapani is a Hindu priest, speaker, entrepreneur and former monk. Of Sri Lankan ancestry, he grew up in Australia. He met his Guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami at the age of 8 and began his studies with him when he was 21. His family have been disciples of this line of venerable gurus originating in Sri Lanka for decades. When he was 24, and after graduating university with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he joined his Guru in Hawaii where he was initiated as a Saivite Hindu monk and lived for 10 years. When his vows expired he chose to venture out into the world. He made New York City his new home, as he could think of no better place to put the tools he’d learned in the monastery to the test. Approachable, practical and funny, he has a unique ability to simplify the understanding of the mind, make spiritual tools applicable in every day life, and create systematic approaches to self-development that allow for sustainable change. He travels the world working with top entrepreneurs, CEOs and their employees to help them develop focus, concentration and willpower. Additionally, twice a year he leads his signature Spiritual Adventures that inspire personal growth and provide authentic and fun cultural experiences.

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Experience an ancient Vedic Fire Ceremony & Sanskrit Chanting with
Sri Sankaran Sivacharya

sankaran sivachariar - Teachers & LearningSri Sankaran Sivacharya studied at one of India’s top priest schools that is world renown for its traditional Sanskrit chanting and studies into the Agamas and Vedas, the core scriptures of Hinduism that yoga is based on. His family has served the Divine Mother in the form of the Goddess Meenakshi as temple priests for over 900 years, where they have been entrusted with the sacred task of tending to the Goddess, the care of the temple, and performing the ancient rituals for the tens of thousands of devotees that visit the temple on a daily basis. Sankaran has served the Goddess as one of the head priests at the Meenakshi temple, one of India’s most sacred temples, in Tamil Nadu for over 20 years. Additionally, he has studied the ancient languages of Sanskrit and Grandham, has translated works from these languages, and has written and published books on the Agamas. He has a curious and expansive mind and has received additional degrees in Economics, Astrology, Yogic Sciences, and is currently persuing a degree in law. The state government of Tamil Nadu has honored him by appointing him to teach the Agamas to fellow priests and all people regardless of sect or creed. We are extremely honored to have Sankaran at the meditation Confluence.

Sankaran will lead the sacred Vedic fire ceremony.

Sri Janahan

janahan - Teachers & LearningSri Janahan hails from an ancient tradition that has passed this Sri Vidya (auspicious knowledge) from an unbroken line down through the ages. After receiving his mantra initiation 28 years ago, Janahan began cultivating the intense vortex of energy from within and transmuting it through practice of puja (rituals) and service. His eloquent Veda parayanam (chanting) and proper mudra vidhanam (hand gestures) has earned him the respect of many great leaders within the Hindu community, including the distinguished Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, former head of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery and founder of the world renowned magazine “Hinduism Today”. In November 2001, consciously and intuitively knowing that his final days were upon him, this great master specifically requested that Janahan come to his ashram in Hawaii to perform his Mahasamadhi (final rites). Janahan has a successful full-time career and family life outside of his meditation practice, but it is his intention to always give back to the community and to teach the rich Vedic tradition to anyone who is genuinely interested. By performing the rituals with detailed elucidation, he is able to effectively hold the interest of the participants. Janahan continues to travel and serve the public upon invitation as a Hindu priest.

Janahan will lead the Sanskrit chanting classes and the sacred Vedic fire ceremony.

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Daily Yoga Asana Classes with
Robin Buck

robin buck - Teachers & LearningRobin is the owner and Director of Jane’s House of Well-Being, a registered Yoga School in Saint Charles, Missouri. For the past 20 years Robin has dedicated herself to living the tradition of yoga, teaching and training teachers. Her training comes through the lineage of Krishnamacharya and she is devoted to the Dynamic Yoga Method of Godfrey Devereux, her teachers are Matthew and Holly Krepps. Robin also teaches asana on some of Dandapani’s spiritual adventures in Asia. E-RYT 500.

Jasmine Astra-elle Grace

jasmine grace - Teachers & LearningJasmine Astra-elle Grace is a yogi, teacher, wife, mother, and the CEO and co-owner of Yoga on High. For over 20 years Jasmine has been interested in yoga, wellness, and the healing arts. She is knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic – advocating that a healthy lifestyle is a way to discover balance, healing and awakening in our body, mind and spirit. Jasmine is an alchemist who has the capacity to subtly blend practices of yoga, Reiki, aromatherapy, iRest®, Ayurveda and bhakti yoga. E-RYT 200, RYT 500.

Yvonne Schwartz

yvonne schwartz - Teachers & LearningYvonne Schwartz is the owner of Yoga Off Broadway in Eagle, Colorado. She has been teaching yoga for ten years. She has studied numerous styles of yoga with many different instructors from different backgrounds. She has completed two different 200-hour trainings, and several supplemental trainings including Anjali Restorative Yoga, Subtle Body Energy, and Yoga for Kids. Her classes are straight forward and lighthearted. Yvonne is passionate about community. She is the coordinator of Yoga in the Park and the producer of Eagle YogaFest; both which bring yoga and community together to raise money for youth programming in Eagle County. Yvonne truly believes that yoga is for Every Body.

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