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Dandapani has presented at various events around the world, from keynotes to workshops to retreats and more. Here’s insight to a few types of events at which Dandapani has presented over the years.

Sydney, Australia


Simple, Clear and Impactful Talks
Filled with Practical Takeaways

Dandapani has given keynotes all over the world, from small intimate invite-only type events to large conferences with thousands of attendees. He is often requested to be the opening keynote speaker at events with the goal of having his topic of “Unwavering Focus” harness audience attention and set a precedent for the day. As testimony to how well his keynotes are received, he often gets invited back to present at the same event in subsequent years.

Bespoke Workshops


Opportunities to Engage Personally
to Create Transformative Learning Experiences

Dandapani’s workshops are mostly half-day or full-day. That said, workshops can be catered to any length with a minimum of three hours in duration. Workshops are his personal preference for presenting. It allows him to dive deep into topics with his audience, get to know them, answer questions that are specific to the them, and provide them with relevant teachings and tools to meet their needs. Typically, half-day workshops are three hours and full-day workshops are six hours. (Breaks are in addition to these specified durations.)

Company Retreats


Retreats tend to be one-and-a-half days to a week or longer in duration. Dandapani has conducted them for senior management teams, smaller size companies, forum groups or just a group of individuals. Retreats can be arranged anywhere in the world, and he has hosted them in Asia, the Pacific, Europe and the Americas. The retreat can be planned fully by the client, or Dandapani and his team can also work closely with the client and plan the entire event for them. Retreats are time to truly immerse in the teachings and tools to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“Dandapani is an accessible modern-day voice for profound ancient teachings.”

Kristin Fritz
Mindfulness Coach

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