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A Monk’s Perspective on Tech Leadership

27 January 2016 · Interviews

Welcome to ‘The Influencers’ where we talk with experts in and outside of tech to gain their insights on being successful in life and work.

In this episode we talk with Dandapani a monk of ten years that studied enlightenment along with technology in the monastery. Now he is living in Brooklyn and sharing his lessons worldwide.

In this episode we talk about:

1:07 Dandapani on his early beginnings

1:29 Dandapani tells a story of the influence of a visiting monk

3:32 Dandapani tells the process being accepted to the monastery and becoming a monk

5:37 Dandapani on a day in the life of a Monk

8:11 Dandapani tells the history of how technology became a part of the monastery

11:01 Dandapani on the most important lesson tech executives can teach their teams and leaders.

12:22 Dandapani on the mind, concentration, and focus

15:20 Dandapani on how to focus in a world of change and distraction

18:01 Dandapani shares a principal of Monkhood that can make a person a better technologist

20:08 Dandapani speaks on the most powerful and important tool to learn and develop

20:25 Dandapani on a principal of Monkhood that can make tech executive better leaders

20:56 Dandapani on managing energy and leveraging focus

22:27 Dandapani speaks on his challenges of being a leader and entrepreneur

24:27 Dandapani on advice he would give his 20 year old self

25:29 Dandapani on his morning ritual

26:21 Dandapani on making his bed and developing willpower

28:07 Dandapani on the purpose of life

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Produced and Hosted by Jeff Martin CEO of Collective Genius,

Brilliant Music by: The Heisman

Filmed at: Quixotic Coffee at 769 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116 (Thank you for the space and the perfect cappuccinos)

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  1. Pradeep Reddy

    I work in a company who loves to work in whatsapp & loves to disrespect employees work life balance by not respecting their personal space.

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