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Interview with John Bowen of AES Nation

12 January 2016 · Interviews

Dandapani, Hindu priest, internationally renowned speaker and highly successful entrepreneur, inspires audiences throughout the world with teachings as relevant today as in ancient times. Dandapani encourages entrepreneurs to determine their true purpose in life first, then to pursue their business interests with a vision that honors that purpose. Discover why energy and concentration may be more critical to your success than time or money. Discover how simple, sustainable changes in your life and business can lead to greater success. Find out why “How much money is enough?” may not be the right question. Quote “There’s nothing more important than knowing who you are, the path you are on and its final end.” – Dandapani Passions Teach simple practical spiritual tools that are easy to implement in everyday life to bring about a personal change that can be sustained. Insight of the Day Treat energy the same way you treat money. You only have a finite amount of energy every day, and to waste any of it in fruitless labor robs your business of its most important resource. Resources Dandapani – Self Development Training and ConsultingAbout Dandapani – Hindu Priest and Entrepreneur Mentions Jayson Gaignard – also at AES Nation John’s 3 Key Take-aways Manage your energy, not your time. Far more critical to your success as an entrepreneur is the energy you bring to the work, not the time you invest in it. Engage in exercises that increase concentration and focus in the work place. If you and your teams practice concentration as much as distraction (cell phones, twitter, texting, etc.), your productivity will take off. To achieve total satisfaction as an entrepreneur, embrace your true purpose in life. Entrepreneurs should not make their businesses their life’s purpose. But their businesses should be a central means of achieving it.

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