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Leading a Deliberate Life with Dandapani

20 February 2016 · Interviews

An interview with Tim Hamilton on his Commanding Business podcast titled “Manifesting Growth through Leading a Deliberate Life with Dandapani

This talk first appeared on the Commanding Business podcast at the above link.

Write up from the Commanding Business podcast.

Knowing who you are are being clear about what you want can be some of life’s biggest challenges. Make an appointment with yourself for a self discovery session. Use basic questions as tools to clean out your subconscious of all the data energy that has been stored for years. Gratitude can help to put life into perspective. Where your awareness goes your energy will go. Give as much value to your energy as you do your money and you will have more of both. Finish what you begin.


[1:00] You have to do all the work yourself

[2:35] The burden of responsibility[3:38] Monks should never go back

[4:31] Practice what you preach[5:41] East meets West[6:55] The start of the path

[8:28] If you listen you might learn something

[9:41] Special guest teachers

[10:45] Get to know yourself for personal growth

[12:36] How well do you know the tool?

[13:35] Make an appointment with yourself, M-F

[16:35]  A process of reflection

[18:45] People need to engage with others

[19:15] Time to clean out your subconscious

[20:40] Facing yourself is one of the most challenging things

[21:32] Every experience has an emotion attached to it

[24:40] Write down your problem and then burn it

[25:41] You can not destroy emotion

[28:02] Gratitude puts life into perspective

[29:09] A sense of lack makes you needy

[29:51] With will you can accomplish anything you want

[31:23] Finish what you begin, try making your bed every morning

[34:32] Where awareness goes energy goes

[35:44] Time management or energy management

[38:20] Most people can’t stay concentrated

[39:07] Treat energy the same as you treat money

[40:37] Strengths and weaknesses

[42:31] Be clear with what you want in life

[44:06] BEHAG – Tim Cullens

[45:14] Life is not short

[46:25] Private workshops and spiritual adventures

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