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5 October 2017 · The Spiritual Path

Too Busy Or Misguided Priorities?

kolkata flower market mallick ghat howrah india - Talks

At an event in Portland, Oregon, I was asked, “What if we don’t have time to spend in reflection in the morning?” At the end of the…

19 July 2017 · The Spiritual Path

How To Work With Guilt

HowToWorkWithGuilt 660x450 - Talks

One of the things to cultivate on the spiritual path is self-acceptance. Right this moment, you are the sum total of many, many incarnations. It took hundreds…

11 July 2017 · The Spiritual Path

Should we try to remember our past lives?

PastLives 660x450 - Talks

Through a clear and disciplined spiritual practice of self development and growth, you tend to see more things within yourself, not only from this life but also…

4 July 2017 · The Spiritual Path

Is there heaven or hell?

HeavenOrHell 660x450 - Talks

Different religions believe in different things obviously. Hinduism does not believe in heaven or hell but rather in heavenly states of mind and hellish states of mind.…

27 June 2017 · The Spiritual Path

How To View Negative Traits In Yourself

ViewNegativeTraits 660x450 - Talks

In looking to change our own negative traits, we should seek to understand them first: How did it come about? What caused it? How many lives did…

20 June 2017 · The Spiritual Path

How do you teach children to concentrate?

TeachChildrenToConcentrate 660x450 - Talks

The best way to teach children how to concentrate is for you to learn concentration and practice it yourself. Concentration is the ability for you to keep…

15 June 2017 · The Spiritual Path

How do you view atheists?

Athiests 660x450 - Talks

How should someone on a spiritual path view an atheist? This talk shares a joyful outlook on atheism. “An atheist and an ex-monk walk into a bar…”…

6 June 2017 · The Spiritual Path

Hindu View of Reincarnation

Reincarnation 660x450 - Talks

In the Hindu belief, a soul lives in the physical body and when the physical body dies, the soul continues functioning in the astral plane before reincarnating.…

29 December 2016 · The Spiritual Path

Can we choose our next birth?

NextLife 660x450 - Talks

Most people do not have mastery over their own energy and are perpetually creating through thoughts, words and actions some future that is beyond their control. More…