Unscripted, raw, open and honest conversations about life and the spiritual path with Dandapani: speaker, entrepreneur, Hindu priest, and former monk.

Enjoy the following videos, interviews and talks with Dandapani as he dives into a range of topics including God, Self-Realization, spiritual practices, exploring the mind, sustaining energy, life, death, after-life, reincarnation, karma, the path to enlightenment, fear, courage, how to uplift yourself when you are feeling down, discouragement, stress, abuse, parenting, relationships and so many other thought provoking topics.

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7 February 2016 · The Spiritual Path

Audio Talks by Dandapani

These are audio only talks by Dandapani conveniently placed in a playlist for your easy listening.

7 February 2016 · Interviews

Audio Interviews with Dandapani

7 February 2016 · Interviews

Getting to know Dandapani ~ Part 1

This is a “getting to know you” interview with Dandapani conducted by Stacey Green.

4 February 2016 · The Spiritual Path

The Four Stages of Life

This talk is excerpt of a 2-hour Conversations on the Spiritual Path talk held at Jane’s House of Wellbeing in St. Charles, Missouri. An attendee asks me…

3 February 2016 · Interviews

Monastic Life to Entrepreneurship

What could Dandapani, a Hindu monk turned adviser to entrepreneurs, have to offer to a world seemingly far removed from the monastic life? Plenty it turns out.…

27 January 2016 · Interviews

A Monk’s Perspective on Tech Leadership

Welcome to ‘The Influencers’ where we talk with experts in and outside of tech to gain their insights on being successful in life and work. In this…

19 January 2016 · Insights on Life

TEDx Reno – Unwavering Focus

We become good at what we practice and most of us are experts at practicing distraction. We live in a society that trains us to multi-task and…

12 January 2016 · Interviews

Interview with John Bowen of AES Nation

Dandapani, Hindu priest, internationally renowned speaker and highly successful entrepreneur, inspires audiences throughout the world with teachings as relevant today as in ancient times. Dandapani encourages entrepreneurs…

19 December 2015 · Insights on Life

Overcoming the Fear of Death

This week’s question is about how to overcome the fear of death and should we use past life regression to do so.