Unscripted, raw, open and honest conversations about life and the spiritual path with Dandapani: speaker, entrepreneur, Hindu priest, and former monk.

Enjoy the following videos, interviews and talks with Dandapani as he dives into a range of topics including God, Self-Realization, spiritual practices, exploring the mind, sustaining energy, life, death, after-life, reincarnation, karma, the path to enlightenment, fear, courage, how to uplift yourself when you are feeling down, discouragement, stress, abuse, parenting, relationships and so many other thought provoking topics.

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30 November 2015 · Interviews

2013 PAN Conference – Introducing Dandapani

rob nixon dandapani PAN conference - Talks

Rob Nixon interviews Dandapani about what he has in store as a guest speaker at #THEPAC 2013. The biggest event of the year, anxiously awaited by the…

30 November 2015 · Interviews

Alex Ikonn: Conversation with Dandapani

Screen Shot 2015 11 23 at 12.32.49 PM 660x450 - Talks

Alex Ikonn interviews Dandapani in London, UK.

30 November 2015 · Meditation

Unlocking the Secrets of Meditation – WFW 2015

unlocking the secrets of meditation - Talks

Interested in learning how to establish a successful and sustainable meditation practice? Then join Dandapani, a former Hindu monk of 10 years, in an event that dives…

30 November 2015 · Interviews

Summarizing his opening keynote at WFW 2015

wired for wonder dandapani meditation - Talks

Dandapani is interviewed at Wired for Wonder 2015 to summarize what his opening keynote “Unlocking the Secrets of Meditation” is about.