Want to learn how to Meditate?

Learn a simple, practical and systematic approach to
meditation in my 12-week online course.

A 12-week Online Course on Meditation

Learn a simple, practical and systematic approach to meditation as taught to me by my guru. This course builds a foundation by teaching you the basics of how the mind works and how to develop concentration and willpower – the very tools needed for a sustainable meditation practice.  Once we’ve helped you establish a solid understanding of this we’ll dive into a simple, practical and systematic approach to meditation. You’ll end up with a highly effective and most importantly a sustainable meditation practice that when consistently practiced will bring more new insights and spiritual unfoldment from within you


Read why the world’s leading CEO’s turn to Dandapani for personal growth

Dandapani is an internationally renown and highly sought after speaker who is revolutionizing the business world with his practical and simple systematic approach to balancing work/life challenges. His talks offer attendees an understanding of how the mind works so that they can create sustainable changes in their personal and professional lives. He has consistently been ranked as a top speaker by the attendees of his talks, and has been invited back by multiple groups for follow-up workshops.

Spiritual Adventures personal transformation journeys led by Dandapani

A spiritual adventure is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it only for the fearless. It is for those seeking to discover themselves on a journey of personal transformation through a myriad of inner and outer experiences that last a lifetime. A life-changing journey that is carefully crafted to help developed the best version of you, overcome your biggest fears and immerse you in exotic locations in Asia.