Hi, I’m Dandapani.

I’m a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, international speaker and former monk of 10 years.

I help people understand and leverage their mind so that they can be the best at what they do and be the best version of themselves in order to live a life of purpose and joy.

Are you living the life you want to be living?

Or is it far from what you had hoped it would be?

Most people have goals in life, but most never fulfill those goals because they lack the tools and training needed to manifest things in life.

It takes tremendous courage and humility to be able to say that I am not where I hoped I would be at this age. And to further say, “I want to create a change in my life and starting living the life I had always dreamed of.” Empower yourself with teachings and tools on how to leverage your most powerful asset, your mind, to create the life you want.

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Simple, practical life-changing courses on Focus, Meditation, and Managing Energy.

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Tools & Teachings to Transform your Life!

Empower yourself with the tools to take charge of your mind, overcome fear and manifest your life’s goals.

TheUnwavering Focus Course

Master your mind and create the life you desire

A simple, practical life-changing online course outlining a step-by-step and goal-orientated approach to leveraging the power of the mind to be the best at what you do and the best version of yourself. 

Sharing simple but profound insights on the inner workings of the mind, learning how to focus, and developing willpower. Empower yourself with these learnings to live a purpose-focused life and to handle and overcome worry, fear, anxiety, and stress.

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TheIntroduction to MeditationCourse

An ancient Hindu meditation practice for modern times

The Introduction to Meditation course is a simple, practical, systematic and highly effective in-app course that shares with you tools, techniques, and teachings to unlock your greatest potential.

It helps you define your meditation goal, lay out a path to it and create a sustainable practice that eventually brings forth insights and spiritual unfoldment. It teaches you to concentrate your energy towards manifesting what you want in life and directing it to those that truly matter to you to create fulfilling relationships. Meditation is the tool to unlock your greatest potential and the key to discovering your purpose in life.

Begin your journey of self-discovery today!

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TheEnergy AlchemistCourse

Managing Energy Vampires

My latest course, The Energy Alchemist, provides you with a solid understanding of your personal energy, how it works, and how to manage it with people. Then it takes a practical and systematic approach in helping you to identify Energy Vampires before sharing with you compassionate ways to detach yourself from them without guilt if necessary.

The result? You’ll develop a greater sense of value and appreciation for your energy. You’ll have more energy each day as you work to minimize the loss of your energy allowing you then to channel this recouped energy to the people and things that matter most so that you can manifest the life you want.

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Delivered via the Dandapani App

App Store Highlight Reviews

Reviews of our courses and app from students around the world

star star star star star
MOVE.MENT | 10 October, 2019

The mind of a brilliant man captured in an easy to navigate app makes for an amazing life changing tool for those willing to change. This app is very simple to follow. But what makes it worth every moment spent is the pure authenticity and extreme passion of an amazing man who wants to share his mission with the world. Dandapani has encompassed the keys to creating unwavering focus within your own self in order to spread that purity of contentment and joy with others. I am truly grateful he has created this app to share his wisdom and teachings.

star star star star star
Bellove | 23 February, 2020
The power of this App!

I have just finished the Unwavering focus course in the beautifully designed Dandapani app. It’s very clear straight forward and enlightening. I understand why I struggle and I have tools to change where my awareness goes. It is so worth every penny. His teachings are very clear and his descriptions are accurate. I am so grateful I took the course . Do I use the skills honestly yes. Today I was able to disengage from a debate. I did it with such ease and I knew it was because I had an understanding of my mind and how it works . In addition, I get this beautiful affirmations with great photos that you can review in the app . I am very picky about what I spend money on and I am going to purchase another course, because to me Dandapani is my informal guru who is helping me grow in ways I’ve always wanted to. Thank you Dandapani.

star star star star star
Sound sculptress | 24 May, 2020
Clear simple applicable steps to a concentrated life

Dandapani, thank you for creating an app with clear simple applicable steps to a concentrated life. What was really helpful for me was your clearly defining what Awareness and The Mind are! AND that I have the power to move my Awareness to any part of The Mind. Also using our daily task (washing dishes, making the bed) as teaching tools to a concentrated life! The simplicity is profound and yet extremely effective. Coming to the end of Chapter 10

I will review full chapters again before going into

Your Meditation Course. And the MUSIC ????

is on POINT ????

Thank You ????????

star star star star star
Rajeeken | 2 July, 2020
Unwavering focus by Dandapani

In this unrest times and year 2020, the best thing I did for myself is doing this course . I love the way it is explained and repeated. Dandapani will only help you if you practice the tools he gives . I was ready for this . It is new way of living . Life is finite and has to be lived joyously .. this resonates with me. This is helping me through challenging transitions in my life currently.

star star star star star
Providencex | 29 September, 2019
A Life Changing and Priceless Investment

I can definitely say that you won’t regret your investment on these courses.

The return out weighs the investment by a lifetime!

Lessons are very clear and concisely laid out in a systematic way that allows you to actually experience and see change.

This is not another gimmick or feel better solution but from my experience, a treasure vault of tools that actually engage the student and take them on an epic journey of self realization.

What you will learn will actually empower you to overcome anxiety, fear, stress and teach you how to truly create a life of success. You will be able to sustain new changes in your life, and achieve your goals.

Also very convenient. Thank you!!!

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FREE Weekly Insights
Sign Up for my newsletter and receive insights, teachings and spiritual tools for living a life of purpose and joy.
By checking this box you agree to our privacy policy and, terms and conditions.
We promise not to sell your email address to other monks, priests, religious organizations, angels, God or the Devil.