Introduction to

A simple and practical meditation course that uses tools, techniques, and teachings refined by Hindu monks over thousands of years.

A 12-week online course that teaches you how to:

  • control and direct your greatest tool, your mind
  • learn and practice concentration
  • develop willpower
  • learn to work with and direct energy
  • learn a simple, practical and systematic goal orientated approach to help you establish a successful and sustainable meditation practice

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Dandapani is an internationally renown and highly sought after speaker who is revolutionizing the business world with his practical and simple systematic approach to balancing work/life challenges. His talks offer attendees an understanding of how the mind works so that they can create sustainable changes in their personal and professional lives. He has consistently been ranked as a top speaker by the attendees of his talks, and has been invited back by multiple groups for follow-up workshops.

struggling to concentrate and focus - Dandapani - Hindu priest, International Speaker and Entrepreneur