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A couple of weeks ago when I was in Berlin where I gave a keynote titled “Mastering your Mind” to a group of people involved in Private Equity and Investing, an individual said to me after my talk “I really need to slow down my life. My whole family needs to slow down. It’s just too hectic.” I responded to him by asking “Are you driving and walking any faster than you use to?” He looked at me a little puzzled and replied “No.” I said then you don’t need to slow down but rather what you need to do is simplify. Life is not going any faster for you than it was before. It may be more full of things you’ve taken on but definitely not faster. The earth as far as I know is still spinning at the same rate.
Don’t say slow down because you’re not going any faster. Think simplify. Ask yourself why are you doing all the things that you are doing?

A Distracted Subconscious

The subconscious is built on patterns and impressions. If the patterns within the subconscious are distracted of nature then the subconscious is naturally distracted. In order to meditate, patterns of concentration need to be created within the subconscious. Thus it can be concluded that both the subconscious and the conscious mind need to be concentrated…

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