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Creating my app and all its content over the last few months has certainly been one of the biggest challenges I have taken on in recent years. It has required a tremendous amount of my willpower to bring to completion and to make it better than I think I could do it. 

It is a custom-built app designed to give you the best learning experience and to empower you with spiritual tools and teachings delivered via in-app courses to help you live a life of purpose and joy. Soon to be available to iOS and Android users. 

Here’s a brief overview of what you will find in the app. 

Simple, practical life-changing courses on Focus & Meditation.

Create your own practices and track your progress via our custom-built rituals feature designed to help you sustain change.

Take and save notes of your course learnings in-app and download them anytime in rich-text or PDF format. 

Downloadable morning and nightly journal for your daily reflections and cultivating gratitude and selflessness.  

Daily Quotes
Enjoy daily insightful quotes from Dandapani and inspirational photography highlighting the beautiful planet we live on. 

Audio Library
Listen to an array of free talks by Dandapani covering spirituality, life, energy, reincarnation, karma and more. 

Video Library
Watch a vast collection of free videos of Dandapani’s talks, interviews and more.

To be one of the first to be notified when the app and course become available and to take advantage of our introductory offer, please sign up here

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