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A very special thank you to my dear friend Nick Bloor who flew from the Gold Coast in Australia to come help with our Siva Ashram project in Costa Rica for the second time.
I cannot even begin to express how grateful we are to this man for his immense contribution of knowledge, expertise and selfless service to our Siva Ashram project. Nick is the founder of the Queensland Botanical Garden and is an entrepreneur and a horticulturist as well.
For 9 days he worked from dawn (we were onsite at 5:30 am) until dusk (we’d stop around 5 pm or so). Never complained once. Always a smile on his face. Willpower in action.
Without his help, we would never have gotten over 600 trees and plants in the ground, cleared and planted over 2 acres of hardwood trees, pruned countless trees and so much more in just 5 days. We also had the help of 7 local hard-working guys.
Thank you, Nick, for helping us manifest Siva Ashram. The spiritual gardens we are creating are a lot more special because of all the love and care you put into it. We are eternally grateful for your continued help.
Siva Ashram, Costa Rica.
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Nick looking at a Dendrocalamus giganteus bamboo at a botanical garden outside of San Jose. We planted two of these in the ashram.

IMG 9522 - Blog

Nick helping us to design our hardwood forest

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The many Delonix Regia trees that Nick pruned along the Ashram driveway.

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Ashram banyan tree grows bigger every day….

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11 Melaleuca viminalis planted behind the shrine to Ganesha to create a wall of red flowers

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Kissed by a butterfly

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Nick loves our giant Ceiba Pentandra tree. It truly is magnificent.

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