Part 2 – Unedited live recording of my post-election talks held every Thursday night in New York City in December 2016.

If the player does not show below please click on this link to listen to Part 2 of the post-election talk.

Talk duration: 45 mins 16 secs

After this election, I witnessed many people around me fall into despair, fear, worry and anger. When I was a monk, when situations got complicated or problematic my guru always made me ask myself, “What am I going to do about it?” Gurudeva taught me that it is both necessary and imperative to take action…but it has to be the right action. Taking the right action requires a clear perspective on the issue. How is this clear perspective attained? It’s attained by going inward and lifting ones awareness to a higher state of consciousness.

My response to these times is to host a FREE meditation class every Thursday in December from 7:30-8:30pm in Manhattan. In this one hour class, you will be given tools that you can use to help lift your consciousness to a higher state, and through meditation you will learn to center yourself and to help you figure out how to leverage your strengths to make a difference using the right channels through intelligent action.