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To want to create a change in your life you must really want it. You must really, really want it. The truth is, most people are never able to create the lives they want because they don’t want it badly enough. They desire it, but that’s as far as it goes and their efforts fall short of any significant sustainable change.

When an aspirant realizes that life is finite and that she has the power to manifest then things start to take a dramatic change. She begins by first prioritizing who and what is important in her life knowing that she has a finite amount of energy each day and a finite amount of time on this earth. Then she masters navigating her awareness in her mind knowing by doing so she can direct the flow of energy in her life. She has realized through her own experience, which no one can ever take away, that in order for her to manifest something in her life all she needs to do is direct her awareness to it and hold it on that subject with unwavering focus.