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Your preparation for meditation is as important as your meditation practice, if not more so. The better you prepare, the better your meditation will be. Look at it this way, if someone very important was coming to your home for dinner you would prepare for this, would you not? You would clean your home, perhaps decorate it with some fresh flowers, purify the air, spend a few hours preparing a delicious meal, shower and dress up. In this process, you get mentally, emotionally and physically ready for your guest. With all this advance work, you are setting the scene for a wonderful dining experience. Meditation should be treated with the same respect as an important event, it is as if you are inviting your Higher Self over for dinner. You need to have the same level of regard and preparation for this event.


A Distracted Subconscious

The subconscious is built on patterns and impressions. If the patterns within the subconscious are distracted of nature then the subconscious is naturally distracted. In order to meditate, patterns of concentration need to be created within the subconscious. Thus it can be concluded that both the subconscious and the conscious mind need to be concentrated…

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