The power of thought - Blog

Everything begins in the mental plane first before it manifests in the physical plane. 

You think to yourself first, “I would like some ice cream,” then you get up and get yourself some ice cream. But it began in your mind with a thought. Each thought has a picture, sound, and color associated with it. Prolonged concentration on a thought eventually brings it into manifestation on the physical plane. 

The longer you think about wanting an ice cream the stronger the thought-form becomes. As the thought-form becomes stronger, you start to speak it out loud. You may express this intention to someone by saying, “I feel like having some ice cream.” As you think more about this and, hence, put more energy into the thought-form, you will start to manifest it in the physical plane. 

Now you will stand up and say, “I’m going to go and get myself some ice cream.”

So much of what is manifested in people’s lives is a result of them repeatedly thinking about the same thing, more often than always unknowingly, thus bringing it into manifestation

Some years ago, I met a well-known influencer/author at a private dinner in New York City. I recognized who he was. He came up to me to introduce himself. After he had done so I shared my name with him. His immediate response was, “I’m really terrible at remembering names.” I thought to myself, “I’m sure you are. That’s what you affirm to yourself inwardly and outwardly.” You have become what you think and tell yourself. We are all guilty of this. I am too. 

The key is to be observant of what we are thinking and stop ourselves from repeatedly thinking thoughts that are not aligned with the life we want to create for ourselves. To be observant, you must learn to concentrate. 

Be careful of what you think and how much energy you put into those thoughts, lest they manifest in your life.

Ps. I wonder how many people will want to eat ice-cream after reading this email. I know I do.