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A lot of people want immediate change. Technology has trained them to expect instant gratification. You can go online, purchase something and have it delivered the same day or the very next day in a lot of cities nowadays. Advertisements are promising you quick weight loss, how to gain mastery on a topic over a weekend, how to be a yoga teacher by just taking a 200-hour training and more. The ancient and wise ways of training people are slowly getting lost. What I learned in my 10 years living as a Hindu monk is that it is not just about learning and creating new patterns in life, but it also equally important, if not more so, to work with existing patterns that are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. How do you work to adjust these patterns? You must re-wire them so to speak, in your mind, nervous system and body so that you can begin a process of creating sustainable change. This is a process in itself and it will take willpower, it will take time and knowledge on how to do so. Changes in life are almost never instantaneous.

Investing Energy

Whatever I invest my energy in will start to grow. If I invest my energy in something positive it will grow and become more positive. If I invest my energy into something negative it will grow and become more negative. Energy has no ability to discriminate between what is positive and what is negative. Whatever…

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